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Volunteer Opportunity You Can Do!

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 We've all been in a position where we needed a little bit of extra help on a temporary basis.   We have a new group at Sunrise Terrace whose job it is to match people who need just a little bit of extra help with volunteers who have just a little bit of extra time on their hands.

Do you or someone you know at Sunrise Terrace need:

  • Your trash cans taken out while you are away?

  • Help with a pet?

  • A ride to the doctor?

  • Someone to pick up a few items at the store?

  • Someone to fix a meal or two?

If so contact Wave Stonerock at (661) 993-4494.

If there is no answer at that number, here are two other numbers to try:

Pat Giberson (805)  668-0220                  Pat Veronese  (805) 264-8144

*We are not an extended care community, but we are a caring community.  Neighbor to Neighbor is not intended to take the place of a full-time care giver, a handyman, or a gardener.

Are you a person who would be willing to volunteer to help those in need on occasion?  If so, please call any one of the numbers above.

More Volunteer Opportunities -- please contact us if you are interested


Emergency Planning Committee
This Committee is charged with responsibility to implement the Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation Plan (EPEP) and its supplemental guidelines and policies; to ensure the park has the necessary facility enhancements, equipment and supplies on hand to support the EPEP; to acquaint park residents with the plan and encourage them to be prepared for an emergency; to train resident Emergency Response Team volunteers on our procedures and on the use of our emergency equipment; and to conduct periodic drills and exercises to assure our ongoing preparedness.  Contact Parker Chapman if you are interested in joining this committee.


Landscape Committee
The purpose of this Committee is to ensure that the natural beauty of our park is maintained and enhanced.  This standing committee is responsible to develop, monitor, and preserve the harmony of the landscaping and trees throughout the common areas of Sunrise Terrace, in coordination with the services provided by our landscape contractor and arborist.   The committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding plantings, removal of diseased plants and trees, and tree replacement, and coordinates work approved by the Board with the landscape contractor and arborist. From time to time the Landscape Committee has a work day. We would greatly value a list of people who would like to get their hands dirty putting in new plants or whatever the project that day.  Contact Heidi Moller if you are interested in joining this committee.

Technology Committee

The purpose of the standing Technology Committee is to advise and assist the Board on information technology and telecommunications matters that impact the STMOA.  The Committee will research and make recommendation(s) to the Board on issues such as cable/satellite/broadcast television, computer, internet, and wireless costs and technologies suitable for STMOA.  Contact Brad Wilbert if you are interested in joining this committee.

project planning.jpg

Project Planning Committee

This Committee is charged with identifying future (3-5 years) needs of the Park in the areas of new construction, maintenance, repair, or renovation.  Contact Jim Herfurth if you are interested in joining this committee.


Architectural Review Committee

This Committee assists Sunrise Terrace members by receiving, reviewing and approving new home and home improvement requests and by upholding the Architectural Guidelines and STMOA  governing documents as they relate to new homes and home improvements.  Contact Mark McHugh if you are interested in joining this committee.

design commitee.jpg

Design Committee

This Committee is in place to coordinate and maintain interior décor and art displays in the Clubhouse.  Contact Carolyn Doyel if you are interested in joining this committee.

Rules & Regulations.jpg

Rules & Regulations Committee
This Committee works to ensure currency and applicability of our Rules and Regulations and Bylaws. This is done through an annual review and updating of the Rules & Regulations, an annual review of the Bylaws, and research into any legal issues forwarded to the Committee by the Board.  In all cases, a report with recommendations is provided to the Board.  Contact Ruthann Marquez if you are interested in joining this committee.

Nominations & Election Commitees

These Committees are in place from November each year  through January of the next year.  The Committees are responsible for: 1) encouraging residents to run for the position of director; 2) overseeing Candidates Night; and 3) overseeing the membership vote of confidence or election of candidates to the Board of Directors, ensuring that all processes and procedures are in conformance with the governing guidelines of the CA State Code and STMOA Bylaws.  Contact Debby Grisanti if you are interested in joining these committees.


Budget/Finance Committee
This Committee promotes and protects the financial security and prosperity of the Sunrise Terrace Mobile Home Owner’s Association by periodically reviewing its financial statements and costs, assisting with the development of the annual operating budget and reserve study, reviewing the Investment Policy Statement annually, monitoring the corporation’s investments to insure their conformity with the investment policy and expected returns, and annually reviewing Membership value against the current economy. Contact Stan Cornwell if you are interested in joining this committee. 

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